The hottest casino game “Baccarat”

Baccarat , which is hot enough to reach the core of your brain and can play a high-priced game, is the most gambling in the casino.A scent that seems to be highly addictiveI’m shooting. It is also called “Puntobanco” in the West, but for some reason it is a very popular game among Asians.

Speaking of baccarat, it is also called ” a casino game purveyor to high rollers ” because of its hot gameplay, and it has attracted super high rollers all over the world who bet on the scale of tens of millions of yen.

Mototaka Ikawa, the former chairman of Daio Paper Corporation, is famous for his book “Melting”, which is his confession . He is also one of the high rollers who was fascinated by baccarat. I couldn’t repay the loan from the casino side, and I borrowed personally from a subsidiary of Daio Paper Corporation, and in the end, the total debt I had was 10.5 billion yen.

Another person who was nicknamed “Warrior” was Akio Kashiwagi . Mr. Kashiwagi, who was the “King of Real Estate in Yamanashi,” was a big fan of gambling, but he was very involved in baccarat. In 1990, he won 2.9 billion yen in Australia. Also, at the casino run by the US President Donald Trump, he once made a fortune of 1.9 billion yen, and by the time he was said to be ” the Japanese most feared by Mr. Trump .” After that, he suffered a big defeat, but he is a legendary Japanese high roller.

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Baccarat is a casino game that professionals like to move a lot of money

Why are all the high rollers fascinated by baccarat?

First of all, the simplicity of the game will be mentioned. The simplest and clearest rule in the casino is that the player who “wins when the total number of cards dealt is close to 9” only bets on “bunker”, “draw”, or “player”. It can be said that it is a road gambling that bets everything on contingency, which is not affected by the skill of the player . Baccarat rules are explained in detail here.

The probability of winning is almost 50%. Because you do not know the game until the end, when you make a large bet, the feeling of excitement of turning the cards that determines the game will be greatly enhanced. There is a baccarat-specific card flipping method called ” squeezing “, and the casino dealer slowly flips the card so that the pattern is gradually visible from the edge of the card . At online casinos, live casino baccarat is more popular than computer graphic games, probably because you can enjoy this “squeeze” moment.

And the second one isThere is a table with no upper limit on the bet amountThat point. It is said that the two people introduced above also had tens of millions of bets in one race. Baccarat, which has no stakes, is devastating, but the pleasure of winning is tremendous.

Baccarat is literally an “order of magnitude” casino game in terms of bet, amount of money, and excitement . It can be said that this ruggedness is the greatest attraction of Baccarat, which has fascinated high rollers. Although there is no baccarat winning method, it is good to know the strategy to increase the winning percentage.

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